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TRIAL classes and Late Registration available.  

Music Together is an internationally acclaimed early childhood education program designed for children from newborns to 5 years old.

The Music Together music immersion and movement program develops your child's basic rhythmic and tonal competence, all while having a great time and fostering the bond between the parent/caregiver and child. 

Music Together's songs, rhythms, chants, dances, and instrument jams expose your child to a wide variety of musical styles (jazz, rock, folk, and more), rhythms from around the world, subject matter for both city and country settings, and languages including English, Spanish, and others depending on the semester's collection of songs.  Come have fun with us!

What makes Music Together different from other early childhood music programs?

Many children's music programs and music CD's contain only songs with basic 3/4 or 4/4 time signatures, and stick to mostly major songs giving little musical variety to your child's learning ears.The collection of Music Together songs include minor, major, mixolydian, locrian and phrygian tonalities to name a few, and the various rhythms of Music Together help make for sophisticated listening that is exciting and engaging for the whole family! Families get to experience musical complexities rarely found on the radio or television, and actively participate in making music themselves during class time as well as at home listening to the CD. Families receive a brand new collection of songs every semester for a series of 3 full years. 

  • In Music Together, we celebrate the fact that all children are born with the capacity to be musical! You can nurture the musical growth of your child, regardless of your own musical ability.
  • Our Music Together classes build on your child's natural enthusiasm for music and movement.
  • Come experience a class that fosters fun and creativity, as well as social and musical learning in a pressure-free environment!
  • Music Together is appropriate for all children, infants to five years old, regardless of ability. We therefore encourage parents to enroll children with autism/special needs as this is one environment where they can just let go, be free, and express themselves musically in an inclusive, loving environment. 

We offer weekly 45-minute weekly classes. Together we explore music through songs, rhythmic rhymes, movement and instrument "play-along".  

See "Classes" tab above for details on classes.   

  To inquire about birthday parties, please email us directly at brooklynmusictogether@gmail.com.


Trial classes $25
To Sign up for a $25 TRIAL on this website by clicking on "Trial class sign up" tab on top of page. Booking a TRIAL class does not ensure a spot for you in class. Advance registration does.
WiNTER CLASS SCHEDULE, began Jan. 11th, by location (pro-rate avail):
*all classes are Mixed Age 0-5 years unless otherwise noted (Babies welcome in both Mixed Age classes, or Babies Only classes, infants to 8 months old)
Location #1: Ft. Greene-138 South Oxford St. off Hanson Pl.
Monday 9:45 (1 spot), 10:45 (1 spot)
Saturday 10:45, 11:45 am Jeanine La Barbera
Location #2: Ft. Greene- 126 Saint Felix St. (The Brooklyn Music School)
Tuesday 9:45, 10:45 am Jessie White
Thursday 10:15, 11:15 am Jessie White
Location #3: Clinton Hill- JACK, 505 1/2 Waverly Place betw. Fulton St. and Atlantic
Friday 10:45, and 11:45 am Bill Berg
Location #4 Bed Stuy- Pipsqueak Children's Shoppe (downstairs at Dashing Diva's) 1124 Bedford Ave
Wed class too full for trials

Winter reg avail/end dates here:
Winter semester began Jan 11, and classes run for 11 weeks.
Late Registration is possible!
No class Mon, Feb 15th for President's day.
No class Tues or Thurs, Feb 16 or 18 due to the Brooklyn Music School being closed for the week.
End dates:
Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Sat classes end the week of March 28- April 2nd (Sat 4/2/16 is snow date make up).
Wed and Fri classes end the week of March 21.

See video of class in action
copy and paste into your browser: http://www.skeebop.com/music-together-ft-greeneclinton-hill/

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Locations by neighborhood:

Ft. Greene #1: South Oxford Space, 138 South Oxford St. off Hanson Pl. (near BAM and Atlantic Ave Terminal)  (Mondays and Saturdays)

Ft. Greene #2: The Brooklyn Music School, 126 Saint Felix Street, betw. Hanson Place and Lafayette Ave. (Tuesdays and Thursdays, Near BAM) 

Clinton Hill: JACK, 505 1/2 Waverly Ave betw. Fulton Street and Atlantic Ave.  (Fridays)

Bed Stuy: Pipsqueak Children's Shoppe (downstairs, thru the shop): 1124 Bedford Ave betw. Gates Ave and Quincy St.  (Wednesdays)

 NOTE- These locations are where we hold classes only. Our office is not run from here.


Rene and Havalah Collins, Directors

Voice Mail: 212-604-4307, option # 1

Email: brooklynmusictogether@gmail.com (by far the best way to get a fast response)

For map of Music Together center locations in Ft. Greene/Clinton Hil/Bed Stuy go to "classes page".